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[texts]Design and Analysis of Adaptive Neural Controller for Voltage Source Converter for STATCOM - Aman Ganesh, G.K.Singh, and Ratna Dahiya
Usually a STATCOM is installed to support power system networks that have a poor power factor and often poor  voltage regulation. It is based on a power electronics voltagesource converter. Various PWM techniques make selective harmonic elimination possible, which effectively control the harmonic content of voltage source converters. The distribution systems have to supply unbalanced nonlinear loads transferring oscillations to the DC-side of the converter in a realistic operating condition...
Keywords: STATCOM; voltage source converter; selective harmonic elimination; adaptive neural controller; total harmonic distortion
Downloads: 16
[texts]An Attempt to Automate the Process of Source Evaluation - Sonal Aggarwal and Herre Van Oostendorp
Credibility of a web-based document is an important concern, when a large number of documents is available on internet for a given subject. In this paper, various criteria that affect the credibility of a document are explored. An attempt is made to automate the process of assigning a credibility score to a web-based document. Presently the prototype of the tool developed is restricted to only four criteria – type of website, date of update, sentiment analysis and a pre-defined Google page ran...
Keywords: credibility score; source evaluation; automation; web-based multiple documents
Downloads: 61
[texts]Towards a Software Framework for Automatic Business Process Redesign - Marwa M.Essam, Selma Limam Mansar
A key element to the success of any organization is the ability to continuously improve its business process  performance. Efficient Business Process Redesign (BPR) methodologies are needed to allow organizations to face the changing business conditions. For a long time, practices for BPR were done case-by-case and were based on the insights and knowledge of an expert to the organization. It can be argued that efficiency, however, can further be achieved with the support of automatic process re...
Keywords: Process Mining; Business Process Redesign; Business Process Management
Downloads: 172
[texts]Light Triggering Thyristor for HVDC and other Applications
High-power thyristors with direct light –triggering and integrated protection functions can be utilized advantageously for applications in which several thyristors are connected in series. This applies in particular to High-Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission, Static Var Compensation (SVC), converters for medium voltage drives, and also to certain pulse power applications. Recent progress in both device innovations and optimization of some application systems is reviewed in this article.
Keywords: HVDC; Light Triggering thyristors; SVC VLF and OWT
Downloads: 35
[texts]Sensor Aided Automatic Path Finding Wheelchair - Ides Editor
A conventional motorized wheelchair has been fitted with sensors and programmed with an intelligent guidance system to efficiently maneuver itself automatically from one point to another in a facility equipped with a grid of sensors that provide the wheelchair with the basic map of its course. The device described in this paper has been conceptualized such that once the wheelchair is given information regarding the starting and stopping point in a controlled facility, the wheelchair with this pr...
Keywords: wheelchair; automatic; motorized; sensor aided; path finding
Downloads: 87
[texts]A Novel Approach to Digital Gate Design
Designing the digital gates and circuits has been based on separating the designing levels: circuit level designing and device level designing. In this paper, we will discuss the point that the concept of contact in this distinction is a key-concept and that, by the progress of technology and advancing towards very tiny quantum devices as SET, necessity of having contact, because of its size is considered a basic obstacle; therefore, separating the design into designing the circuit level and dev...
Keywords: Digital Gate; Contact; Macro-gate; KVL; KCL; Resonant tunneling diode
Downloads: 43
[texts]Performance Comparison of Rerouting Schemes of Multi Protocol Label Switching Network.
In this paper, we attempt to present a comparison through rigorous studies (existing conventional models) following software based modeling and verifications through simulations in terms of various traffic parameters such as packet loss, Recovery Time (Latency), reordering of packets including recovery time for various widely used path recovery models for the purpose of end-to-end recovery of LSPs inMPLS domains using NS2 simulator...
Keywords: MPLS .path -recovery; software modeling and simulations; traffic engineering; LSP (Label Switch Path); end-to-end delay; recovery time
Downloads: 74
[texts]Wind Energy Validation Using Available Wind Potential - Prof. Hapse Manik M., Dr. A.G. Thosar, Prof. Sanjay M. Shinde and Prof. Satish A. Markad
This paper analyzes the probability distribution of wind speed data recorded by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) wind farm at Ahmednagar (India). The main objective is to validate the wind energy probability by using probability distribution function (PDF) of available wind potential. The wind speed is measured with the help of three anemometers S30, S45, S60 placed at 30 m, 45 m, and 60 m height...
Keywords: probability distribution function; weibull distribution; maximum likelihood; lognormal distribution; goodness of fit; wind energy probability
Downloads: 88
[texts]Optimally Learnt, Neural Network Based Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation System
Neural network based systems have been used in past years for robot navigation applications because of their ability to learn human expertise and to utilize this knowledge to develop autonomous navigation strategies. In this paper, neural based systems are developed for mobile robot reactive navigation. The proposed systems transform sensors’ input to yield wheel velocities. Novel algorithm is proposed for optimal training of neural network...
Keywords: Mobile robot; Reactive navigation; Neural Network; Optimal learning; Supervised learning
Downloads: 42
[texts]QRC-ESPRIT Method for Wideband Signals - Nizar Tayem
In this paper, a new algorithm for a high resolution Direction Of Arrival (DOA) estimation method for multiple wideband signals is proposed. The proposed method proceeds in two steps. In the first step, the received signals data is decomposed in a Toeplitz form using the first-order statistics. In the second step, The QR decomposition is applied on the constructed Toeplitz matrix. Compared with existing schemes, the proposed scheme provides several advantages...
Keywords: array signal processing; uniform linear array; Wideband signal; Toeplitz matrix
Downloads: 67
[texts]A Novel Fuzzy Variable-Band Hysteresis Current Controller For Shunt Active Power Filters
This paper presents a novel fuzzy control scheme applied to shunt active power filters for harmonic and reactive power compensation. A TSK type fuzzy logic controller is proposed for APF reference current generation. To control the maximum switching frequency of the converter within limit a novel fuzzy hysteresis band current controller is used. The band height, based on fuzzy control principle is changedwith the value of supply voltage and slope of reference current...
Keywords: active power filter; nonlinear load; TSK type fuzzy controller; harmonics; indirect current control scheme
Downloads: 136
[texts]Multidimensional scaling algorithm and its current applications in wireless localization
The paper gives an overview of multidimensional scaling (MDS) algorithm. Aside from brief introduction to MDS, its characteristics, its various types and its current applications has been discussed in wireless systems i.e. localization of wireless sensors in a network and determining the position of a mobile station without GPS. MDS is analgorithm by means of which information contained in a set of data is represented by a set of points in a low dimensional space...
Keywords: MDS algorithm; MDS types; MDS current applications; localization
Downloads: 18
[texts]User-Rating Based QoS Aware Approach for Selection of Updated Web Services to Web Service Composition - K.Vivekanandan1 , S.Neelavathi, S.Subhashree, G.Kavitha, and S.Kavitha
The concept of dynamic composition of Web services has been given major importance in the recent years. While there are many systems available to select the services with the highest QoS score, very little thought has been given to the fact of constructing a model which takes in the user’s rating of a service as a major input for selection. A robust system for fetching the most updated version of the selected services and selection of the services based on users’ ratings of the QoS values ra...
Keywords: Web Service selection; rating; updated services; aging factor
Downloads: 23
[texts]Image Segmentation and Identification of Brain Tumor using FFT Techniques of MRI Image - R.Rajeswari, P. Anandhakumar
The image processing tools are extensively used on the development of new algorithms and mathematical tools for the advanced processing of medical and biological images. Given an MRI scan, first segment the tumor region in the MRI brain image and study the pixel intensity values. A detailed procedure using Matlab script is written to extract tumor region in CT scan Brain Image and MRI Scan Brain Image...
Keywords: Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Fast Fourier Transform; Zero padded Transform and Windowed Fourier Transform
Downloads: 71
[texts]Real Time Speaker Identification System – Design, Implementation and Validation
This paper presents design, implementation and validation of a PC based Prototype speaker recognition and verification system. This system is organized to receive speech signal, find the features of speech signal, and recognize and verify a person using voice as the biometric. The system is implemented to capture the speech signal from microphone and to compare it with the stored data base using filter-bank based closed-set speaker verification system...
Keywords: Biometrics; voice recognition; feature extraction; finger print; MATLAB; auto correlation; Euclidean distance
Downloads: 76
[texts]Low Cost Device to Measure the Thickness of Thin Transparent Films - Ides Editor
There is often a requirement to fabricate thin glass plates for prototyping purposes in a research lab. For example to make a prototype of an optic filter there is a need to fabricate a number of thin glass plates and in most moderately equipped optic research laboratory there is facility to etch these glass plates, but lacks instruments to measure its thickness. Our main purpose is to design a system which is cost friendly and is capable of measuring the thickness with a resolution lesser than ...
Keywords: Thickness; Measurement; Electronic System; Optic Device; Michelson Interferometer
Downloads: 102
[texts]Development and Testing of Feedback Control System for Fused Deposition by Electrochemical Discharge (FDED) Process
Previous researches [1,2] on Fused Deposition through Electrochemical Discharge (FDED) process have revealed that the periodic instantaneous current wave form  (ICWF) is the characteristic of the process and it is significant to maintain the nature of current waveform in order to have a deposition of consistent metallographic properties. The precise control of process parameters is essential for maintainingthe current wave form...
Keywords: Fused Deposition by Electrochemical Discharge; Feedback control; Discrete event control system; Proportional controller; Deposition rate
Downloads: 45
[texts]Development of Robust Adaptive Inverse models using Bacterial Foraging Optimization
Adaptive inverse models find applications in communication and magnetic channel equalization, recovery of digital data and adaptive linearization of sensor characteristics. In presence of outliers in the training signal, the model accuracy is severely reduced. In this paper three robust inverse models are developed by recursively minimizing robust norms using BFO based learning rule. The performance of these models is assesses through simulation study and is compared with those obtained by stand...
Keywords: Adaptive inverse models; Robust norms; Robust adaptive inverse model; Bacterial foraging optimization
Downloads: 48
[texts]On the Performance Analysis of Multi-antenna Relaying System over Rayleigh Fading Channel
In this work, the end-to-end performance of an amplify-and-forward multi-antenna infrastructure-based relay (fixed relay) system over flat Rayleigh fading channel is investigated. New closed form expressions for the statistics of the received signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) are presented and applied for studying the outage probability and the average bit error rate of the digital receivers. The results reveal that the system performance improves significantly (roughly 3 dB) for M=2 over that for M=1...
Keywords: Diversity; fading channel; moment generating function(mgf); outage probability
Downloads: 103
[texts]Analysis of pavement management activities programming by particle swarm optimization - Navid Reza Tayebi, Fereidun Moghadasnejhad, Abolfazl Hassani
The application of particle swarm optimization (PSO) to programming of pavement maintenance activities at  the network level is demonstrated. The application of the PSO technique and its relevance to solve the programming problem in a pavement management system (PMS) are discussed. The robust and quick search capability of PSO enable it to effectively handle the highly constrained problem of pavement management activities programming, which has an extremely large solution space of astronomical ...
Keywords: Particle Swarm Optimization; Pavement Management System; Optimization
Downloads: 85
[texts]Coding and ANN - assisted Pseudo - Noise Sequence Generator for DS / FH Spread Spectrum Modulation for Wireless Channels - Juthika Gogoi and Kandarpa Kumar Sarma
One of the challenging issues in Spread-Spectrum Modulation (SSM) is the design of the Pseudo - Random or Pseudo - Noise (PN) sequence generator as an option to the already available methods. This work is related to the use of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for generation of the PN sequence during transmission and reception of a SSM based system. The benefit of the ANN - assisted PN generator shall be that it will simplify the design process of the PN - generator and yet provide high reliabilit...
Keywords: SSM; PN sequence; ANN; Rayleigh; Rician
Downloads: 54
[texts]A Temperature-insensitive Simple Current-mode Multiplier/Divider Employing Only Multiple-output CDTA
This article presents a new current-mode multiplier/divider based on MO-CDTA (Multiple output current conveyor transconductance amplifier). The circuit description is very simple, its construction consists of only one MO-CDTA. Without external passive elements, theproposed circuit is then suitable for IC architecture. The PSpice simulation and experimental results are depicted, and agree well with the theoretical anticipation...
Keywords: multiplier/divider; current-mode; MO-CDTA
Downloads: 73
[texts]Development and Simulation of Mathematical Modelling of Hydraulic Turbine
Power system performance is affected by dynamic characteristics of hydraulic governor-turbines during and following any disturbance, such as occurrence of a fault, loss of a transmission line or a rapid change of load. Accurate modelling of hydraulic System is essential to characterize and diagnose the system response. In this article the mathematical modeling of hydraulic turbine is presented. The model is capable to implement the digital systems for monitoring and control replacing the convent...
Keywords: mathematical modeling; simulation; hydraulic turbine
Downloads: 250
[texts]Analytical Delay Model for Distributed On-Chip RLCG Global Interconnects for Different Pole Conditions
Fast delay estimation methods, as compared to simulation techniques, are needed for incremental performance-driven layout synthesis. On-chip inductive and conductive effects are becoming predominant in deep submicron (DSM) interconnects due to increasing clock speeds; circuit complexity and interconnect lengths. Inductance causes noise in the signal waveforms, which can adversely affect the performance of the circuit and signal integrity...
Keywords: Moment; Delay calculation; Interconnect; RLCG; VLSI
Downloads: 110
[texts]Thinned Concentric Circular Array Antennas Synthesis using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization - Durbadal Mandal, Debanjali Sadhu and Sakti Prasad Ghoshal
Circular antenna array has gained immense popularity in the field of communications nowadays. It has proved to be a better alternative over other types of antenna array configuration due to its all-azimuth scan capability, and a beam pattern which can be kept invariant. This paper is basically concerned with the thinning of a large multiple concentric circular ring arrays of uniformly excited isotropic antennas based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO) method...
Keywords: Concentric Circular Antenna Arrays; Particle Swarm Optimization; Thinning; Sidelobe Level
Downloads: 125
[texts]New Model Variable Frequency Transformer (NMVFT) – A Technology for V/f Control of Induction Motors
Variable frequency transformer (VFT) is used as a controllable bidirectional transmission device that can transfer power between asynchronous networks and functionally is similar to back-to-back HVDC. This paper describes the basic concept of a New Model Variable Frequency Transformer (NMVFT). NMVFT is a new technology which is used for v/f control of induction motors. A digital simulation model of  NMVFT and its control system are developed using MATLAB...
Keywords: Variable frequency transformer (VFT); Asynchronous; New Model Variable Frequency Transformer (NMVFT); V/f control; MATLAB
Downloads: 163
[texts]Loss Reduction by Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation on a Radial feeder
Due to the increasing interest on renewable sources in recent times, the studies on integration of distributed generation to the power grid have rapidly increased. In order to minimize line losses of power systems, it is crucially important to define the location of local generation to be placed. Proper location of DGs in power systems is important for obtaining their maximum potential benefits. This paperpresents analytical approaches to determine the optimal location to place a DG on radial sy...
Keywords: Analytical approach; distributed generation; radial systems; optimal placement; power loss
Downloads: 185
[texts]Exploring NISC Architectures for Matrix Application - Sadhna K. Mishra, Arvind Rajawat, and R. P. Singh
The paper presents the design of target NISC (No Instruction Set Computer) architecture for matrix application in a C based design flow. It starts with the implementation of a standard application program which generates customized designs using the NISC toolset. Further, it demonstrates and analyzes the compilation and simulation results of several matrix applications on a number of different available NISC architectures in terms of register and execution cycle-counts...
Keywords: NISC; ASIP; CISC; RISC; Datapath
Downloads: 72
[texts]Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of VFT for Power Flow Control through Asynchronous Power Systems
Variable Frequency Transformer (VFT) is a controllable bi-directional transmission device that can transfer power between asynchronous networks. It avoids both HVDC link and FACTS based power transmission control system. Basically, it is a rotatory transformer whose torque is adjusted in order to control the power flow. In this paper, a simulated model of VFT is used as a controllable bidirectionalpower transmission device that can control power flow through the connected asynchronous power syst...
Keywords: Variable frequency transformer (VFT); MATLAB; Asynchronous power systems; Power flow
Downloads: 270
[texts]Estimation of Weekly Reference Evapotranspiration using Linear Regression and ANN Models - Ides Editor
The study investigates the applicability of linear regression and ANN models for estimating weekly reference evapotranspiration (ET0) at Tirupati, Nellore, Rajahmundry, Anakapalli and Rajendranagar regions of Andhra Pradesh. The climatic parameters influencing ET 0 were identified through multiple and partial correlation analysis. The sunshine, temperature, wind velocity and relative humidity mostly influenced the study area in the weekly ET0 estimation...
Keywords: Reference evapotranspiration; multiple linear regression; artificial neural network; performance evaluation
Downloads: 63
[texts]Silicon Photonics: A Solution for Ultra High Speed Data Transfer - Pratik Ganguly, Rahul .S
Silicon photonics is the integration of integrated optics and photonics IC technologies in silicon. Silicon photonics has recently attracted a great deal of attention since it offers an opportunity for low cost solutions for various applications ranging from telecommunications to chip-chip inter connects. Two keys to this advancement are the increased speed of communications (now at the speed of light) and the increased amount of data that can be transmitted at once (i.e., bandwidth)...
Keywords: silicon photonics; Light source; silicon waveguide; silicon modulator; Photo detector; indirect band gap; compatibility-quad; gallium nitride
Downloads: 121
[texts]Energy-Efficient LDPC Decoder using DVFS for binary sources
This paper deals with reduction of the transmission power usage in the wireless sensor networks. A system with FEC can provide an objective reliability using less power than a system without FEC. We propose to study LDPC codes to provide reliable communication while saving power in the sensor networks. As shown later, LDPC codes are more energy efficient than those that use BCH codes. Another method to reduce the transmission cost is to compress the correlated data among a number of sensor nodes...
Keywords: LDPC codes; Distributed Source coding; Source Channel coding; iterative decoding algorithm; layered decoding algorithm
Downloads: 39
[texts]Image Fusion of Video Images and Geo-localization for UAV Applications
We present in this paper a very fine method for determining the location of a ground based target when viewed from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). By determining the pixel coordinates on the video frame and by using a range finder the target’s geo-location is determined in the North- East-Down (NED) frame. The contribution of this method is that the target can be localized to within 9m when view from an altitude of 2500m and down to 1m from an altitude of 100m.This method offers a highly ver...
Keywords: UAV Applications
Downloads: 128
[texts]520Criticality of Gust Pressures on the Members of Self Standing Towers - Ides Editor
Tall latticed steel towers are being pursued for the purpose of microwave transmission, T.V. transmission etc. Antennas are fixed at the top of the tower for transmission. The height of the towers may range from 50m to 250m. The structural form consists of latticed steel work, suitable bracing and suitable foundation for the tower legs. Usually bolted connections are provided for the joints. Mainly dead and wind loads are considered for the design of such towers...
Keywords: Gust Pressures; Frequency; Resonance
Downloads: 51
[texts]Despeckling of Ultrasound Imaging using Median Regularized Coupled Pde
This paper presents an approach for reducing speckle in ultrasound images using Coupled Partial Differential  Equation (CPDE) which has been obtained by uniting secondorder and the fourth-order partial differential equations. Using PDE to reduce the speckle is the noise-smoothing methods which is getting attention widely, because PDE can keep the edge well when it reduces the noise. We also introduced a median regulator to guide energy source to boost the features in the image and regularize th...
Keywords: Ultrasound; Speckle; PDE; median filter
Downloads: 80
[texts]FIR Filter Implementation by Systolization using DA-based Decomposition
In this paper we present 1D and 2D systolic Distributed Arithmetic (DA) based structures that are designed for the implementation of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters. The paper compares the 1D DA based systolic structure with 1D systolic DA based decomposition method. The filters are implemented on a Xilinx Virtex II Pro (XC2VP30) FPGA using HDL and system metrics like Area, Gate Count, MaximumUsable Frequency and Power consumption are estimated for different filter orders and address lengt...
Keywords: Distributed arithmetic (DA); Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA); Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter; systolic array
Downloads: 141
[texts]Illumination-robust Recognition and Inspection in Carbide Insert Production
In processes of the production chain of carbide inserts, such as unloading or packaging, the conformity test of the insert type is performed manually, which causes a statistic increase of errors due to monotony and fatigue of workers as well as the wide variety of insert types. A measuring method is introduced that automatically inspects the chipformer geometry, the most significant quality feature ofinserts...
Keywords: optical measurement; industrial image processing; testing and inspection; local energy; phase congruency; feature description; Gabor wavelets; illumination invariance
Downloads: 53
[texts]Identification of Reactive Power Reserve in Transmission Network
The paper describes importance of the reactive power control basing on the failures and control problems in the Polish transmission networks. A detailed description of the operational difficulties is provided. The paper also presents a highly automated method identifying voltage control areas (VCA), areas prone to voltage instability, and reactive power reserves requirement ensuring voltage stability under all considered contingencies...
Keywords: Power System Stability; Voltage Security Assessment; Voltage Stability; Intelligent Systems
Downloads: 90
[texts]Design And Performance of Finite impulse Response Filter Using Hyperbolic Cosine Window - Harish Kumar, Piyush Kumar and Kaushal Kumar,Venkat babu G
In this paper a proposed of design and analysis of Finite impulse response filter using Hyperbolic Cosine window (Cosh window for short). This window is very useful for some applications such as beam forming, filter design, and speech processing. Digital FIR filter designed by Kaiser window has a better far-end stop-band attenuation than filter designed by the other previously well known adjustable windows such as Dolph-Chebyshev and Saramaki, which are special cases of Ultraspherical windows, b...
Keywords: Digital FIR filter; far-end stopband attenuation; side-lobe roll-off ratio; window technique; Kaiser Window; Hyperbolic Cosine window
Downloads: 183
[texts]A Refined Space Vector PWM Signal Generation for Multilevel Inverters
A refined space vector modulation scheme for multilevel inverters, using only the instantaneous sampled reference signals is presented in this paper. The proposed space vector pulse width modulation technique does not require the sector information and look-up tables to select the appropriate switching vectors. The inverter leg switching times are directly obtained from the instantaneous sampled reference signal amplitudes and centers the switching times for the middle space vectors in a samplin...
Keywords: dual-fed induction motor; space vector PWM; sampled sinusoidal reference signals; triangular carrier signals; middle space vectors
Downloads: 207
[texts]Synthesis of Non-Replicated Dynamic Fragment Allocation Algorithm in Distributed Database Systems
Distributed databases have become the most essential technology for  recent business organizations. In most of the cases Distributed Databases are developed in a Bottom- Up approach, fragmentation exists beforehand. The optimum allocation of those fragments is the only way, which can be exploited by the designers to increase the performance, efficiency, reliability and availability of the DistributedDatabase in the realistic dynamic environment, where the access probabilities of nodes to fragme...
Keywords: Distributed Database; Fragmentation; Dynamic Fragment Allocation; Distributed Transaction; Local Agent; Root Agent
Downloads: 74
[texts]A Novel Method for Image Enhancement
In this paper a novel method for image enhancement using PDTDFB (Pyramidal Dual-Tree Directional Filter Bank) and interpolation has been adopted. Generally, in digital images since the different kinds of noise highly affects various image processing techniques it is always better to perform denoising first. Here, first of all the image is decomposed into two different layers namely low pass sub band and high pass sub band after which denoising is being performed on both the layers so as to smoot...
Keywords: High Resolution; PDTDFB; Denoising; Interpolation; Image Composition
Downloads: 77
[texts]A New Method of Determining Instability of Linear System - Ides Editor
In this paper, an algorithm is presented for identification of real eigenvalues on right half of the s-plane, for linear systems, hence determining instability of the system. The proposed approach is based on Gerschgorin theorem and a new approach of Bisection method. The method is efficient since there is no need to determine all real eigenvalues and also characteristic polynomial of the system matrix...
Keywords: Instability; System matrix; Gerschgorin theorem; Bisection method; Power system problem
Downloads: 45
[texts]PI with Fuzzy Logic Controller based APLC for compensating harmonic and reactive power
This article explores design and analysis of proportional integrator (PI) along with Fuzzy Logic controller (FLC) based Shunt active power line conditioners (APLC) for compensating reactive power and harmonic currents drawn by the load. The aim is to study different control strategies for real time compensating current harmonics at different power conditions. The compensation process is based on calculation of unit sine vector and reduces the dc capacitor ripple voltage of the PWM-VSI by using P...
Keywords: Shunt Active Power Line Conditioners (APLC); PI controller; Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC); Harmonics; Hysteresis Current Controller (HCC)
Downloads: 89
[texts]Design and Analysis of Power and Variability Aware Digital Summing Circuit - Aminul Islam, Mohd. Hasan
Due to aggressive scaling and process imperfection in sub-45 nm technology node Vt (threshold voltage) shift is more pronounced causing large variations in circuit response. Therefore, this paper presents the analyses of various popular 1-bit digital summing circuits in light of PVT (process, voltage and temperature) variations to verify their functionality and robustness. The investigation is carried with ±3ó process parameters and ±10% VDD (supply voltage) variation by applying Gaussian dis...
Keywords: Carbon nanotube field effect transistor (CNFET); transmission gate (TG); random dopant fluctuation (RDF); line edge roughness (LER); energy delay product (EDP)
Downloads: 115
[texts]Treatment of NOx from Diesel Engine Exhaust by Dielectric Barrier Discharge Method - Ides Editor
This paper reports improved performance of discharge plasma in filtered engine exhaust treatment. Our paper deals about the removal of NOX emissions from the diesel exhaust by electric discharge plasma. For the treatment of diesel exhaust a new type of reactor referred to as cross-flow dielectric barrier discharge reactor has been used, where the gas flow is perpendicular to the corona electrode. Experiments were conducted at different flow rates ranging from 2 l/min to 10 l/ min...
Keywords: Electric Discharge; Dielectric Barrier Discharge Cross Flow Reactor (CFR); NOX removal; Filtered diesel exhaust
Downloads: 118
[texts]A PIC compatible RISC CPU core Implementation for FPGA based Configurable SOC platform for Embedded Applications
Modern embedded systems are built around the soft core processors implemented on FPGA. The FPGAs being capable of implementing custom hardware blocks giving the advantage of ASICs, and allowing the implementation of processor platform are resulting in powerful Configurablesystem on chip(C-SoC)platforms. The Microchip’s PIC microcontroller is very widely used microcontroller architecture across various embedded systems...
Keywords: CPU; RISC; IP Core; IC; MXE; Xilix
Downloads: 220
[texts]Control Strategies for Solid oxide Fuel cell voltage
This paper presents a comprehensive non-linear dynamic model of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) that can be used for transient behaviors studies. The model based on electrochemical and thermal equations, accounts for temperature dynamics and output voltage losses. The relaxation time is strongly related to the transient temperature distribution of the solid oxide fuel cell structure. Therefore, it is in the order of some minutes depending on the design parameters and the operating conditions...
Keywords: Fuel cell; FCPP; SOFC
Downloads: 81
[texts]Performance Analysis of Interconnect Drivers for Ultralow Power Applications
ultralow power consumption requirement of low throughput applications needs to operate circuits in subthreshold region where subthreshold leakage current is used as active current for necessary computations. This paper investigates the impact of interconnect drivers on digital circuit performance in subthreshold region. In particular, we have investigates the performance of Si-MOSFET and CNFETs at 32nm deep submicron technology node...
Keywords: Subthreshold; Ultra-low power; CNFET; Monte- Carlo analysis
Downloads: 68
[texts]Performance Study of Bi-Angle Shape Skirted Footing in Yellow Soil Subjected to Two-way Eccentric Load - Ides Editor
In clayey soil region of Malwa (M.P.), normally footing rest on yellow soil strata having low bearing capacity. Environmental changes have great impact on the behavior and strength parameter of the yellow soil. skirted footing in which vertical walls surrounds sides of the soil mass beneath the footing, is one of the recognized bearing capacity improvement technique. Construction of vertical skirts at the base of the footing, confining the underlying soil, generates a soil resistance on skirt si...
Keywords: Bi-angle shape skirted footing; model footing; two way eccentric load; bearing capacity; no tilt condition
Downloads: 109
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